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How to use torrents with SecureVPN


Internet piracy is obviously illegal in the most of the countries. In order to get access to blocked torrent trackers people use VPN as a suitable technology for that.

You absolutely can download torrents with SecureVPN but there’s one rule: you shouldn’t seed them for other people. Our servers located in various countries which have different laws. They consider content sharing as an act of copyright infringement and our servers could be banned for abusing it. This doesn’t apply to downloading and you are free to do so.

Here’s how to disable seeding in the most popular torrent clients.


  • Go to Settings > BitTorrent
  • In Share Ratio Limiting check the box Seed torrents until their ration reaches and set the value 0
  • Choose the action from Pause them to Remove them
  • Click OK to save your changes


  • Go to Options > Preferences > Queueing
  • Change all 3 Seeding Goal values to 0
  • Check Limit the upload rate and set it to 0
  • You can also change Number of upload slots per torrent to 0 and Maximum upload rate to 1 in Bandwidth tab


  • Go to Tools > Options > Queue
  • Then expand Seeding нby pressing the + symbol
  • Click Ignore Rules
  • Enter a value of 0 next to the label Ignore torrents with seeding ratio over. This will exclude all files from being seeded
  • Click OK to save your changes


  • Go to Edit > Preferenсes > Queue
  • Check Stop seeding when share ratio reaches. Enter a value in the adjascent field. Additionally you can check Remove torrent when ratio is reached
  • Click on Apply and then on OK

If you use another BitTorrent client, you can google how to disable seeding in it, or find related options in settings. Procedure is pretty much the same or similar between clients.

All this information goes pro Tragedy of the commons and against the basic principles of using a BitTorrent protocol. If you stop seeding torrents they will eventually die and we don't want this to happen. But unfortunately our service won't be able to exist if everyone starts seeding torrents using it. Please consider seeding without SecureVPN if you have a less restrictive laws in your country.


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