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Privacy Policy

Current Edition: 5, October, 2016.


The Privacy Policy is intended to users of website www.securevpn.pro (hereinafter «Site») and subscribers of the SecureVPN service (hereinafter «Service») that belong to the SecureVPN Company.

Hereinafter the users of the Site and Service are called “users” and “clients”, and the words “we” and “our” are the synonyms of SecureVPN including owners of the company, its workers and other individuals involved.

The use of the Site and Service means that the user is agree with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.

The Main Provisions

The purpose of the SecureVPN Company is to provide users with a simple and comfortable way of protecting the personal data when being online. Security and anonymity are the main priorities of our company, and that is why we do not collect and do not keep any data that allow to identify users or to track their actions.

We do not collect and do not keep our clients’ IP addresses. We also do not keep records of addresses of the resources browsed, the data obtained and transferred, the software used, etc. On our servers there are no any records or log files that may let associate any online activity with a particular user.

What Data We Keep

For the work of the Site and Service we collect and keep the following data:

The data specified are a commercial secret of the SecureVPN Company that is kept on the dedicated and safely protected server, and only workers of the SecureVPN Company supporting the server have access to it.

How We Use Data Kept

The data kept are used by us only for providing the Site and Service’s technical work, improving the quality of services performed and supporting feedbacks from users.

The data on the e-mail address, except the client’s authentication are used:

The SecureVPN Company does not sell, transfer and reveal the clients’ data to third persons.

Use of Cookies and Third Services

For the Site’s work, we use cookies, with which the user’s web browser gets small text data fragments from us for keeping them. The use of cookies allows to identify the user in a unique way when he browses the personal profile on the Site and not to request the password when the user starts browsing the Site every time.

Most of web browsers accept cookies automatically but if the user wants, he can change the settings of the browser and disable cookies. The visitors of the Site disabling cookies are still able to browse the Site, but some of its functions will not be available.

For convenience in the upper part of the Site there is the current IP address and the user's geographical location to determine quickly how the users “see” Internet resources. To be able to do this, we use GeolIP from the Maxmind Company (maxmind.com). We do not keep the data on users’ IP addresses and location.

To collect statistical data that help us better understand how the users interact with our Site and what we can do to improve its work, we use such services as Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics. The services mentioned can use cookies and other techniques to collect, analyze and generate reports on using the Site for us.

As mentioned above, we do not use technologies and services to collect data that can be used to identify the users or to track their activity. Also, we do not send the data kept by us to any third parties.

Payment Information

To accept payment for the services, we use payment systems (Paypal, WebMoney, Robokassa, etc.). We are not responsible for actions that the administration of these services does when our clients use their payment systems, but we hope that they take effective protective measures. To make an anonymous payment, we recommend to use Bitcoin or Perfect Money.

How to Change Personal Data

Account settings (language and password) can be changed by the user in his personal profile on the Site. The e-mail address can be changed if the user contacts the technical support service.

Information Disclosure

The SecureVPN Company is based in Hong Kong and conducts its activity within the jurisdiction of this territory. The Hong Kong legislation allows us not to keep data on our clients (so-called No Mandatory Data Retention Law). That is why, even if we are requested by authoritative bodies, we do not reveal any data on our users and their online activity just because we do not keep these data.


The SecureVPN Company reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy specified without primary notice. We inform the users about changes on news channel of SecureVPN in Twitter.

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions connected with the SecureVPN Company’s work, you can contact us via our feedback form or using contact information specified in the website www.securevpn.pro.


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