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Ready to use platform for selling VPN

Required start-up capital - $40. Monthly investments - $30

VPN сеть

Advanced VPN network

35 servers in 24 countries. All existing VPN protocols, DPI bypassing, strong encryption.

Готовая инфраструктура

Ready to use infrastructure

No need to set up and support servers. Everything is ready for work.

Site and billing platform

Site and billing platform

Fill in site template, create a tariff plan policy and start to sell!

Start to earn money today!

How to become reseller

  1. Submit a request on website
  2. Register a domain name
  3. Add funds to your account balance (funds you need to buy VPN subscriptions)
  4. Register wallets to receive payments, add them in settings
  5. Start to sell

Reseller's plan

Plans for resellers

VPN subscription cost for reseller – 20% from the basic cost

Reseller's tariff plan policy

Reseller determines tariff plan policy himself

No restrictions for resellers

No additional conditions for implementing sales plans, attracting new users, etc.

Worldwide VPN market dynamics

For the last few years internet anonymity gathers attention not only from professionals and developers, but also from amateur users.

World VPN market was 15.6 billions in 2016, and will grow up to 35.7 billions in 2022.

Want to catch the last train?

VPN market growth


Period until it becomes profitable is minimal: to cover investments it's enough to sell at $165 per month. Everything over this amount – net profit!

What's the trick?

No tricks. Everyone should do what they do best:
- we are technical specialists and responsible for infrastructure,
- you are businessmen and responsible for selling and marketing.

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