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Over the past few decades the information structure of Internet has been subject to major changes. Users are no longer limited to local or regional websites, businesses go global, and companies open their branches abroad. The only thing remains of crucial importance for any Internet user - be it a student, a scientist, an employee of a large company or a regular user - secure data transfer.

What is VPN service

VPN – from English Virtual Private Network – is a virtual private network that uses the Internet global network for secure connections between individual users or websites. This service is a virtual (cheap!) analogue of a separate dedicated line. VPN is a reliable and secure service that provides complete anonymity online to users. In other words, with VPN you need not worry about the safety of personal data - you can safely download any files from the Internet, pay your bills online and use the services of any websites without worrying that your service provider knows what Internet resources you visit.

To benefit from VPN service you need to install client software on your PC; this software initializes the virtual channel – a tunnel to the requested server. This channel transmits data in encrypted form, thus neither the provider, nor any government agency, nor hackers are able to intercept such data. Since all the work with Internet resources is carried out through the VPN server no one but you will know what websites you visited and which files you sent.

When is VPN service useful?

If your provider is blocking certain websites or even entire networks, VPN service will let you continue using your favorite Internet resources. Since all the requested information is first handled by the VPN server, and then made available to the user, you can open any blocked pages and websites without any problems. Moreover, your actions are untraceable: VPN assigns you a third-party IP-address which receives the data. Anonymizers often used to work with remote resources are all based on this principle.

Another common example of using VPN service is working with mail, payment systems and resources that require user authentication over Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi networks are usually highly vulnerable to attacks or "wiretapping", thus any intruder with minimum skills is able to learn your passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers and other personal information. VPN, in turn, ensures integrity, safety and security of data transmission through the use of encrypted channel, thus making unauthorized access to your data impossible.

Free VPN service for all users

Today it is fairly simple to find a free VPN service. The web suggests many resources with either browser extensions or websites providing virtual secure channel to the server. Of course, such free services are unable to offer high speed data transfer and require clicking the advertising links. Moreover, the duration of sessions is strictly regulated.

Of course, there is another way to enjoy a free VPN service which can be used without any limitations on traffic, time and data transfer speed. In this case the only disadvantage of using such a service includes the option of working simultaneously only with few ports, thus making P2P-networks, online games in multiplayer mode, instant messaging programs, and much more unavailable.

VPN service by SecureVPN

We offer our users a reliable anonymous access to Internet resources via VPN technologies. Our service lacks any of the numerous disadvantages accompanying free VPN services.

SecureVPN adheres to reasonable and flexible balance strategy which allows you to select the fee fully meeting your requirements and expectations. We offer you:

The connection uses the following technologies: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and DoubleVPN. Flexible architecture allows you to work from personal computers and mobile devices simultaneously.

SecureVPN users are subject to no restrictions on traffic and data transfer speed because our servers are located in different countries and are connected to the Internet via high-speed (1 Gb) channels.

Discover the Internet without restrictions - anonymous, affordable, safe and reliable!


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