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VPN client for Windows — install, setup, server selection

Nowadays many PC users are thinking about creating the safest and most comfortable environment for working and playing online. You can download and setup VPN client for Windows to guarantee anonymity and safety of personal data.

Modern software allows you to create an encrypted connection to the Internet. By doing so the user is able to hide his/her real IP address by replacing actual location with the virtual one in any region of choice, as well as anonymously visit any resources by securely encrypting traffic data. The following two functional modules are used to provide for the comprehensive work of the anonymizer:

Development of VPN technology and modern anonymizers

The developers started thinking about creation of software for anonymous access to the Internet in the late twentieth century. The first major step in this direction was made by creation of functional software to generate an encrypted data tunnel with VPN technology, allowing the use of local type connection as data transfer channel without the need for intense configuration of the workstations.

It became evident that this functionality can be improved to be convenient, simple and understandable for ordinary personal computer users. Upon successfully adapting the software for use under the popular Windows platform, the developers created OpenVPN client service, which allows establishing connection with the remote server, and, most importantly – remains an open source product. This software is the basis for many modern anonymizers.

Dozens of tools for creating secure virtual private networks appeared on the IT services market, including OpenVPN client supporting Windows 7. For the consumers to find their way through this vast product range, they must outline their functional requirements and select the software which solves these tasks better than the other ones.

Choosing high-quality and reliable VPN client for Windows-based computers and mobile devices

Modern applications from this category boast numerous features and flexible personal preferences. Yet, before going to the tab VPN client download on the developer’s website, you should first lay your priorities straight and give your preference to the product meeting your individual technical requirements.

For some users, this software must provide for quick and easy change of the region. Foreign IP address lets you bypass local restrictions and provides for the use of any foreign services. Some users are looking for mobile versions of anonymizers, and for them the ideal option would be VPN client android. And for some, the top priority is reliable data encryption and ability to bypass corporate protection to use the Internet at work without any restrictions.


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