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Wi-Fi network security: using VPN connection to ensure complete confidentiality and anonymity

Lately, wireless global network communication systems are becoming more and more popular. Confidentiality and Wi-Fi network security when accessing the Internet from a laptop or mobile device is of the same importance as if you were working with a wired connection.

How to improve your Wi-Fi connection security

Most Internet users have a Wi-Fi router at home, but they do not pay the time to configure it right, believing that restricting the access to the network by a password is good enough. Router security configuration requires a more thorough approach because the transmitted data can be easily intercepted by hackers within the broadcasting range.

The first thing to do is to set a password to enter the network. Ideally, it should be six or more characters long and contain uppercase letters and numbers; it would also be good to use special characters. The next must-do thing is to replace the standard password to Wi-Fi router settings specified in the user manual which comes with each model. You can log into configuration settings via any Internet browser by going to the address (this address is default in most devices).

The next step is to check the protocol used by your Wi-Fi router to encrypt data transfer on the Internet:

In any case, an experienced hacker will always find a way to try to breach the wireless network security system and access the computer or mobile device.

Safety of the device when using public Wi-Fi networks

Wireless Wi-Fi networks today are very common everywhere, but their security level almost always leaves much to be desired. Free access is available in the airports, hotels, railway stations, restaurants and cafes. Of course, it is a great convenience to be able to deal with business issues or simply chat with your friends at any moment, even on a trip. But the risks involved in using public wireless networks are very high. The administrators configuring the Wi-Fi router rarely bother much about the level of network security. In most cases they change default configuration of the device only if it is critical for it to work. The owner of the tablet, laptop or mobile device, no matter how secure its system is, can never be sure that the data sent over Wi-Fi, often quite important, will not fall into the wrong hands.

It is necessary to resort to certain additional measures to ensure safety in public Wi-Fi networks:

One of the most dangerous mistakes when working in the Internet via Wi-Fi is making financial transactions, entering passwords to e-mails and logging into accounts without using the HTTPS protocol through wireless channels not protected by WPA2. Any activity that requires authentication should be done only through secure sessions.

Using VPN connection for security

VPN protocol provides for a proper level of security when using the Internet on any mobile device, be it a tablet, laptop or smartphone.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology creates a virtual private network, so that the protection of data transmitted from a mobile device is guaranteed by modern cryptography means. The use of public and private keys, asynchronous encryption and specific protocols make VPN connection totally immune to hacker attacks in most cases. At the same time, VPN connection can be used on computers and mobile devices with various operating systems, including Mac OS and Android.

SecureVPN provider offers perfectly balanced tariffs, among which you can choose the one to best fit your demands. Use of L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN will deliver reliable protection of all data that can be transmitted over Wi-Fi – even if intercepted, breaking the key would require significant computing power ("cluster"-level) and much time, over which in most cases the information is no longer relevant.

Thus, availability of wireless Wi-Fi networks greatly expands the boundaries of accessing the Internet from your mobile devices, but requires additional measures to be taken to ensure a sufficient level of security. Take the preventive measures in advance – making the changes to your configuration and using modern technologies offered by SecureVPN will let you no longer worry about confidentiality of your data.


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