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How to setup secure VPN connection when working in public Wi-Fi networks

It is hard to imagine the life today without the global network, especially when on vacation or business trips. When traveling, people commonly use public Wi-Fi networks, the safety of which is almost always at a very low level. Without setting up a VPN connection working in them is highly not recommended. To setup VPN on your mobile device (notebook, smartphone or tablet) VPN, you can use the services of SecureVPN - and all the advantages of using the Internet at a whole different level will be open in front of you; you will then be able to enjoy your favorite services and even send sensitive data (money transfers, payments for services, and so on) with an absolute guarantee of safety. And it does not matter what operating system you use. It can be Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS or iOS - they all support VPN connection.

What is VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the technology used for the maximum protection of data transmitted both within the local network and on the Internet. In essence, VPN connection is not much different from a common dedicated communication channel deployed within the available network. It uses the method of "tunneling" - sent and received packages are transmitted between the two points similarly to a regular connection. Data security is provided by the use of modern cryptographic algorithms; VPN agent encrypts all information before sending and decodes it for the user upon receipt.

VPN connection can be of different types, and can be classified according to the degree of protection delivered by the respective environment. The most common types that can be recommended for use while traveling and for work in insecure public networks are OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP IPSec. The last two are the services integrated in Microsoft Windows and other popular operating systems, and therefore you do not have to install any additional software to take full advantage of VPN.

Wi-Fi network safety level

Operating systems can not determine the basic encryption used within a Wi-Fi network, they only display whether the connection is open for free access, or you must enter a password. If there is a password it still cannot be considered to be a Wi-Fi network safety criterion, especially if it consists of only a few characters. A strong password to present difficulties to the hackers must contain at least six characters, and include numbers and special characters. But even if the router uses reliable encryption, such as WPA / WPA2, the transmitted data can still be intercepted and decoded.

The only exception from the safety standpoint is using HTTPS protocol in your browser in public Wi-Fi networks, which is offered by many banks, online stores and other commercial structures. This protocol uses the encryption with the help of SSL-key. Availability of the latter indicates that your confidential information can be intercepted and decrypted only by a highly skilled specialist, and not in all instances.

Advantages of using VPN in trips

If your mobile device is configured to use VPN connection, you can freely use the services of Internet banking, e-mail, Skype and other necessary programs – all transmitted data will be reliably protected. VPN server can provide the highest level of confidentiality, while the keys used are almost impossible to intercept and crack. There is a number of other, less important, but nice advantages. For example, some countries don’t let you use Wikipedia, and many routers abroad are configured to block the use of Skype. VPN service lets you change the IP address on your mobile device, and thus lifts virtually any restrictions on access.

Advantages of SecureVPN service

Of course, you can try saving the money and install a free VPN on your mobile device. In this case, it turns out that while trying to protect your information from others, you at the same time voluntarily transfer it to some people who do not even guarantee the safety of your data in return. Of course, most of these services are fair, but the risks are still there.

On the other hand, small monthly fee is unlikely to significantly affect your budget, but will let you feel yourself confident in any public Wi-Fi network. Reliably encrypted communication channels, inability to break the encryption key, good quality connection and smaller traffic due to data compression before transmission – all these features are offered by SecureVPN. And the additional software, if any at all (most operating systems have everything you need already built in), on your device will have no effect on its performance. You can choose the package to fit your needs, study the fees and get expert advice or assistance in setting up VPN on SecureVPN website.


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