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Creating VPN virtual network and server configuration

Many users today are looking for a way to better protect the data exchange process. One of the most effective ways is to create and configure personal local network through VPN - virtual connection service. This technology involves the use of computing capacities of the remote server platform for redirecting requests and reliable traffic encryption. The users install client applications on their workstations to process outgoing requests and then send them to the virtual server. Private VPN network is created between the user’s PC and the remote equipment, creating a secure channel. The server forwards the request to the desired web resource, while all the data from it is received by the workstation in encrypted form.

As a result, the users remain anonymous when visiting any websites; the addresses of the requests cannot be identified and even in the daily traffic statistics they are displayed as encoded data.

Thus, the use of a small VPN program on the computer or mobile device allows you to bypass any blocks of the content, from firewall in corporate network to regional restrictions on IP-address. But anonymity and free access to information on the Internet are only two small features of this specialized software.

Ways to use VPN service: creation of a local network, personal server configuration

Virtual Private Network technology software is widely used not only by ordinary users as an effective anonymizer, but also a convenient tool to build corporate networks. The features of modern software by professional developers allow for establishing a local connection of any complexity, designed for a large number of devices, including remote ones. Using the VPN service you can configure virtual network between multiple PCs and physical servers, creating device - network or network - network connection. This means that a local data exchange channel between workstations is not limited by the same office or building space; private VPN network easily extends to the Internet.

As a result, you can include remote devices to be part of your corporate information structure, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. This specialized software suggests flexible administration features allowing the company’s management to assign user roles and restrict user rights related to editing system files or viewing and copying valuable corporate information.

How to create a VPN network

Virtual private network is a type of local connection. Creation of a secure channel for exchanging data uses the software module and computing capacities of server hardware. Depending on the range of working tasks and the company’s budget the customer may choose the right technical solution option.

VPN network can be created only using client software on the workstations. In this case, basic data encryption is performed on the equipment of the product’s developer. This is a convenient and easy way, which is suitable both for ordinary users and small organizations.

Vast administration and configuration options are provided through a dedicated VPN server. Modern software for such purposes supports all the current versions of server operating systems and is compatible with hardware of the most complex configuration. Such a solution is a great choice when creating large virtual networks for companies with a large number of branches in other cities and regions.


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