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How to change the IP-address the computer without reboot and config browser

Today the users often face the need to change their IP address online. This is done in order to get around provider block and visit blocked websites, as well as to achieve full anonymity on the Internet.

The developers offer the users a wide range of services to facilitate this task – anything from anonymizers, special web proxy services to usual proxy servers and VPN services. Of course, all services are different, and where one is a bad fit due to its features, you can use the other. For example, anonymizers, and there are thousands of them on the web, have a significant disadvantage: they distort the page being displayed (no images, "floating" text, dead links); proxy server requires the user to spend the time on additional browser setup and installation of special software without which it cannot work. Most often, despite being free, these options are inconvenient, and for those who worry about the safety of their personal data – not secure enough.

The answer is simple: SecureVPN service does it all for you – it will change the IP address, encrypt data and create a secure virtual channel between your PC or mobile device and the website or Internet resource.

What is the operating principle?

When you try to access a page or website, but receive “this page is not available” message, most often it means that the resource was blocked by your service provider. VPN service technology solves this problem in a blink of an eye. Upon completing simple setup process for special software your computer becomes one of the elements of a virtual private network and is able to freely access a variety of Internet resources. Since VPN not only changes the IP address of the user, but also encrypts all the transmitted and received data from the server, your internet service provider is able to neither track any of your actions on the web, nor block your access to certain websites.

SecureVPN operating principle is very simple: when you search a page or website in your browser, your request is automatically forwarded to our server, rather than your provider, as it was before. Thus, your internet services provider is unable to track your actions and requests, as all the traffic from the Internet is forwarded to your computer directly from us and not the provider.

What are the advantages of using SecureVPN?

Our VPN service allows you to change your IP address. This is very useful in the following instances:

In any of these cases SecureVPN will not only provide another IP-address for you, but also a reliable and secure communication channel.


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