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How to unblock access to myspace.com anonymously

Maintaining your personal space becomes harder year-on-year; it gets to the point where monitoring Internet activity is no longer an exaggeration, rather one of the irritating factors of objective reality. Using anonymizer to enter Myspace.com can serve several purposes: enjoying the site with no network-applied restrictions at work, getting rid of intrusive contextual advertising, or just guaranteeing anonymity and privacy.

Why can’t I enter Myspace?

Anonymizer may be required to log into Myspace.com for several reasons. The most important and the most common one is the access to the site being blocked by the settings of the corporate network. Every user of social networks gets to deal with this problem at least once in his/her lifetime: social networks are being blocked in offices, educational institutions, and often - in public access points located, for example, in large shopping malls or cafes.

Previously, this problem could be solved by using mirror sites or mobile versions, but eventually the access to these was also restricted. It’s not quite clear why this restriction is still applicable, as anyone can log into Myspace through anonymizer without any problems.

Logging into social networks through anonymizer allows you to quickly and easily bypass all blocks without system administrators or bosses noticing it.

The latter tend to overestimate the importance of uninterrupted work by their employees and believe they can deprive their staff of the right to listen to music on a user-friendly service or negotiate with a seller of an online store. But if you do not abuse it, then why should you not be able to check your messages or listen to your favorite track on Myspace using anonymizer?

Another reason to use anonymizer to log into Myspace is the federal block imposed by providers. It is no secret that as soon as the Internet became public, it began to accumulate content which, to put it mildly, should not be available to just anybody. To somehow address this problem, the access to various sites is blocked, and social networks are no exception.

This deprives the people of the most valuable experience in life - communication with their close ones and simply interesting people. If Myspaceontakte turns out to be blocked, you can enter it through anonymizer. By replacing your IP and encrypting the traffic you can continue enjoying your favorite resources, because the outgoing requests will no longer be identified as ones subject to block.

Why anonymizer?

That's a good question, because there are rather many ways to get around some of the restrictions. For example, before, you could use the blocked Myspace using a mirror or mobile version; however, today these sites are also on the black lists. Thus, anonymizer or proxy is the way.

The latter option requires certain skills to properly configure the access. And, most importantly, proxies are quite expensive, and the ones that are free are often used for distributing free newsletters and forbidden content, so they are blocked by the majority of major network resources.

The second advantage of using anonymizer - minimum system requirements. It does not overload your device, thus your surfing is not being slowed down a bit, no it-takes-forever loading pages and other similar problems. View your Myspace feed, listen to music and watch videos without any restrictions by using the anonymizer. Otherwise, there may come a time when you won’t be able to timely scroll through your friend’s statuses, "like" the photos of your girlfriend or simply raise your mood from fresh jokes and anecdotes.

What else besides Myspace?

Movies lovers can use the anonymizer to watch free content on some resources without any restrictions. For example, Hulu.com and Netflix.com applies country-based restrictions to listening: the Americans and the British can endlessly enjoy their favorite TV shows and movies, while the residents of most other countries are forced to search for their elsewhere or pay for quite an expensive subscription. The same policy is found on many other media-related resources. All you need to do is change the anonymizer settings and in a couple of seconds you may continue enjoying the content for free.

Similar problems are also typical for file hosting services: often, you cannot download more than few dozens of megabytes without either losing the speed, or the access being blocked for some time. If the service works without registration, with the help of anonymizer you can download as much information as necessary for free.

Aside from social networking, the anonymizer can be used for purchases in foreign online stores. Quite often, stores and payment gateways at the time of registration collate geolocation of the buyer and his/her entered registration data, and if they are not identical, they deny the service; in this instance, anonymizer is also there to help.

What is it?

MySpace anonymizer provided by SecureVPN will bring you to your favorite websites around any blocks and restrictions. With simple manipulations you will easily setup the software to continue enjoying the social network at any convenient time. Our server acts as an intermediary between you and the point of destination of your query. VPN service algorithm is simple: it helps you change your IP address to bypass the block by service provider or system administrator.

Anonymizer by SecureVPN is not only easy to setup and use, but also guarantees secure connection and safety of your personal data (account passwords). And there are no limitations on traffic and duration of anonymous sessions!


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