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How to log into Classmates site if it is prohibited at work

Very often users are unable to visit their favorite social network, entertainment sites or view videos on popular YouTube channels while at their workplaces. However, there is an easy solution for this unpleasant situation, for example, logging onto Classmates or Facebook through anonymizer or "mirror".

Widespread ban of Classmates site

The number of users registered in the popular social network "Classmates.com" is impressive - more than 130 million people use the services of this resource. Hit counter of Classmates has registered a record-breaking number - thirty million visits per day. Thus, it is no wonder that the management of any company does not approve recreational activities and personal business during working hours and that is why it is impossible to log onto Classmates or Facebook from almost any corporate network.

As of today, there are several ways to successfully bypass this ban. There are a number of so-called "mirrors" - other addresses that readdress the user to Classmates resource. However, almost all of them are either already closed by corporate network administrator or very soon will be on this "black list".

What is VPN and what is its purpose

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the name for the technology developed to provide one or several connections "on top" of the main Internet channel. Of course, by far not every network transmitting data of various levels of confidentiality is worth of your trust. VPN is an exception to this rule because it is reliably protected by the means of cryptography (encryption, public keys, and authentication).

Using this kind of a reliable channel can successfully "deceive" the Internet filter of the company and bypass the existing bans of the corporate network. The program responsible for blocking Internet addresses on the "black list" will simply not see where the user is going – all user requests are encrypted and contain nothing forbidden even if thoroughly studied.

This means that having a VPN tunnel at your disposal, you can be freely log onto "Classmates.com", visit your Facebook page and enjoy all the other benefits offered by the Internet.

Anonymous proxy server (web anonymizer)

Internet suggests a number of free resources that allow any user to visit blocked sites. With their help, you can log onto "Classmates" even if corporate policies implemented by the administrators on the server prohibit doing so.

Anonymizers have very simple interfaces; their main element is the type line. If you type in the address of "Classmates" you will easily log on to this site. All this would be easy and convenient if not for one annoying trait. Usually anonymizers work well with the most primitive sites featuring text content only; at the same time they have hard time “digesting” advanced resources such as "Classmates". Of course, they will display something resembling the desired resource, but almost all of its multimedia components will either be cut off or wrongly displayed.

Serious disadvantages of anonymizer sites include the following:

Therefore, we better rewind to the previous option - secure and confidential VPN tunnel.

Quick, easy and free anonymizer for social networks

One of the fastest, most reliable and extremely simple VPN anonymizers which will let you log onto "Classmates" is found on Securevpn.pro. Installation of this anonymizer does not require any special skills or knowledge, everything is done very quickly. After a simple sign up process on the resource you will receive a detailed instruction on installing the anonymizer. The installation package is very small, and therefore downloads quickly.

Upon launching the program you get the desired result: you logon to Classmates through the anonymizer around all filters. Encrypted traffic will not be tracked down by your provider or system administrator of your employer.

"Classmates" is not the only resource you can use in such a way: you may access ICQ, Skype, Facebook, game servers, and anything else you might need. Your client application is activated and deactivated with only two "clicks" of the mouse on VPN program icon.


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