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什么是 VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN;中文翻译是“虚拟专用网络”) 是指在公众网络上所建立的企业网络。使用VPN可以提供安全的互联网连接。



什么是 DoubleVPN?








I bought the subscription and received the archive via email. What to do next?

After buying the subscription you receive an archive with settings for the SecureVPN connection via email. You can download this archive via your personal area on the website.

Any archive includes pptp-readme.txt file with data that are necessary for settings of the VPN connection via PPTP and L2TP protocols. Use this file and instructions for your operating system.

If you subscribe to the Advanced and Pro tariff plan, the archive also includes .ovpn files for the connection via the OpenVPN protocol. In most cases, it is enough to copy these files to the folder to configure the user application following our instructions.

How to change the server?

To change the server, via which you will connect to the Internet resources, you should just change the server address in the settings of the VPN connection.

For example, to connect via PPTP or L2TP protocols, you need specify us1.securevpnconnect.net as a server address for the USA servers, de1.securevpnconnect.net - for the German servers, etc. The full list of our servers is contained in pptp-readme.txt file in the archive that is sent via email after buying the subscription. It can also be downloaded via your personal area on the website.

For the connection via the OpenVPN protocol the archive consists of .ovpn configuration files for all our servers; for instance, file USA, New York us3.ovpn is intended to set the connection to the server in New York, file Russia, Moscow ru1.ovpn - to the server in Moscow, etc.

How to change the IP address on the server?

To change the IP address that is assigned to your device after connect to the VPN server, you should do the following:

  1. Connect to the desired VPN server
  2. Go to setup.securevpnconnect.net
  3. Choose the desired IP address and click the green tick
How to change the IP address


We do not keep data on clients IP address, as well as on addresses of the resources you have ever visited. Our billing system keeps data on a clients identifier, fund balance in his account, subscription he purchased and payments he made. In other words, we keep only those data that are important for SecureVPN system work and do not allow to identify the user. The data specified are kept on the offshore server, well protected and not transferred to the third parties.

Can I pay by bank card?

To pay by bank card, choose Robokassa or Interkassa as a payment method.

Can I pay via Bitcoin?

Of course! Funds are deposited into the account balance after the two confirmation of the transaction. As a rule, it takes about 10-20 minutes.

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