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How to log into facebook.com through anonymizer if the access is restricted by the administrator

System administrators following the orders of their management often block the access to social networks and multimedia content. Not every user can freely logon to facebook while at work without the anonymizer. Besides, facebook.com is often shut down by local providers due to censorship, and in this case you for sure will not be able to get by without the help of a reliable VPN anonymizer.

VPN technology features

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology was developed to:

VPN is an add-on to the Internet connection, a kind of anonymizer which allows for easy, free and absolutely safe bypass of any restrictions of your corporate network on Facebook access. Modern cryptography tools (public keys, encryption, modification and brute force protection, authentication) allow for strict confidentiality and anonymity. The use of VPN client does not require any special knowledge or skills; even a novice computer user will be able to manage it.

Logon to facebook.com through a user-friendly anonymizer

Securevpn is there to help anyone using anonymizer to logon to any resource banned by the administrator or ISP: Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, YouTube, or any other. The first step required for this is to register on Securevpn.pro. After registration you will receive a detailed instruction on installing the VPN client.

The main feature of this VPN client is the ability to change the country sending the requests to Facebook, aside from changing your IP-address; that is, the anonymizer will let you access the site even if this resource is closed for your country.

Anonymizer sends encrypted data through a virtual channel; therefore you may safely use free public networks to log into Facebook. Despite the poor protection of Wi-Fi hotspots against hacking, all your passwords and personal data will be secured from hacker attacks. You can enable or disable the program in just a few "clicks" of the mouse. You can change the country of "residence" to countries like Germany, France, United States or the Netherlands in the settings.

What is the operating principle?

Upon sign up on our website and completing simple setup process for special software, your computer is connected to a VPN server which will provide a secure connection channel between the Internet and your PC or mobile device. Since all data from the Internet will pass through one of our servers, your provider can neither learn what resource you use, nor block the website.

What are the advantages SecureVPN?

Our servers are located in different countries (USA, France, Netherlands, Germany, and others). Thus all your activities on the Internet will be using the IP address of the country hosting our server. Note that you can change the country hosting the server, that is, change your IP address. As the result, SecureVPN makes all the resources and websites blocked in your country (in this case, Facebook) available, and you are again able to visit the pages you like.

Moreover, our VPN service provides you with complete anonymity of actions and a secure connection by encrypting the data transmitted through the virtual channel. Thus, you can freely use public Wi-Fi access points - all your personal data and passwords will be securely protected from attacks by malicious users.


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